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Since his first experience with Christ, Bro. Felix Crowder has been a mission to reach a lost and dying world. Born to a successful middle class family, he was raised Methodist and education was his goal. He followed the direction life took him and was successful at it. He graduated as a salutatorian from Glen Burnie High School in Maryland.  He attended college at North Carolina A and T State University where he obtained his B.S. degree in Plant Science in 1976. From there, Bro. Crowder went on to obtain his Masters degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

A man witnessed to him during his graduate program. On June 7, 1977 Bro. Felix Crowder received the gift of the Holy Ghost. He was baptized in Jesus name and began his walk with Christ. He began his ministry in 1979 and he became licensed with the United Pentecostal Church in the following year. 

He has seen more than 8200 receive the Holy Ghost ranging from 3 to 92 years old with as many as 68 in one service. Throughout his ministry, he has seen numerous individuals filled with the Holy Ghost, baptized in Jesus' name and healed of many various diseases.

The Lord has used him to see thousands of lives changed through the power of the Holy Spirit.  He continues to travel the country and overseas, preaching and  encouraging church congregations and church leaders.  He focuses on encouraging people to be filled with the Spirit, healed and showing them how to truly be active and effective in the kingdom of God.   



2013 443 filled with Holy Ghost, 186 baptized in Jesus Name

Ministry Total Holy Ghost filled 8985  through 12/31/13

From 1/1/14 through 12/31/14

They comin'!

Praise the Lord!  God moved in 2013.  He will continue to do miracles and infillings this year also.  Work to the glory of God!  Bring on 2014


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