Elder Elroy Vennie

"Praise The Name Of Jesus, Just wanted to say thank you Man Of God for allowing God to use you in such a might way on today in Baltimore, MD.  I had two sisters there in the service and they both were tremendiously blessed.  One sister has been having lung, heart and some other sickness also.  But believes by the Power of God she was healed today.  She has even not been using her oxygen and is believing God has healed her. Thank you for being obedient and for allowing God to use you.  May he continue to bless you.

Bro. Garry Cooper

New Whiteland, Indiana

Bro. Crowder called all the young people up front to pray for the needs of the people, when my 11 year old grandson laid his hands on my knees if felt like hot coals, Bro. Crowder told me to run to the other side of the church i haven't been able to walk much less run without pain and stiffness in my knees. I did what the man of God told me to do all so a sudden i was running and even fast the second lap around the church.

Thank you Jesus for Bro. Crowder and my Grandson Kyle
Bro. Garry Cooper
Liberty Tabernacle

Pastor William F. Burkhardt

Carrollton, Kentucky

My sister Delma Richmond received her healing of her shoulder in service tonight with Bro. Crowder at Faith Apostolic Church in Louisville, Ky.  It was an awesome Holy Ghost filled service.  She couldn't raise her arm going into the service and came away giving high fives with a smile on her face. "Praise the Lord"



Sis. Stella Rodriguez

Racine, Wisconsin


New Heart and a Healing! GOD is good...all the time and with every heart beat I will Praise Him!

On  Oct.6,2006 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis,osteo arthritis, restless leg syndrome and was also diabetic. 

When the Dr. told me this I worked full time, was a Sunday school teacher, greeter, attended church 3 times a week, cooked, cleaned, got dressed, and even peeled an orange. Until one day I just couldn’t do those things anymore without being in pain all the time. For  3 years I’ve had to go in for infusions once a month, my husband had to give me shots once a week and then I was to taking pills for the pain as needed everyday. 

Many different circumstances lead me to where I was on Sunday Feb. 7,2010. A division in family, pain in the body, faithfulness, stress, consistency, marriage, prayer, anger, the enemy, weather, finances, medication, depression, relationships, fear, grace, commitment  & the list goes on and on.  Stress caused me to get sicker fast.  I felt like I didn’t care anymore, I was now suffering spiritually. 

On the morning of Sunday Feb. 7, 2010 as I sat at my pew talking with the LORD I asked Him to open my eyes and ears to him ,to give me understanding to his word & to  just let me concentrate on you…then I said this “ LORD more then anything I need a new heart, I can’t walk out of here with same one.  I couldn’t walk out the same I came in because I knew if I  did I may not walk back in again. 

When Bro. Felix Crowder opened with Eze.36:26 A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh.

I just knew GOD heard me…as soon as he opened the alter I was up there, I went to get my new heart! I lifted my hands, started crying and was ready to receive my heart and as I lifted my hands something was being released from my body and all of a sudden my body was weak and I couldn’t stand, I lay there crying & waiting not really sure. Then Bro. Crowder  came up to me, he asked me to stand and repeat something’s. I raised my hands again & started to repeat what he said and instantly I was healed. I jumped, danced, cried, rejoiced and even stepped on toes  . 

That evening before service I shared my testimony with some saints. After Bro. Crowder started preaching I couldn’t stop thinking about how Awesome GOD is,  I started dancing in the isle by my pew but I just had to get to that alter and have my Victory dance.

Looking back I can see that He has been working on my heart for sometime. Now the really cool part is that I asked GOD for a new heart, he not only gave me a new heart but along with it came a complete body healing. 

Bro. David Moore

Clarksburg, West Virginia

In 2002, I was operated on for an aneurysm on the brain. and in 2004 I started having chronic headaches which never subsided below a 4 on the pain scale of 1-10. So this was constant for over 5 years. Drs. gave me meds.which only brought the pain down to a 4. On Dec 18 2009 God used Brother Crowder to heal this pain. For the first time in over 5 years I am headache free.  PRAISE GOD!

Pastor Micheal Mckinnies
Christ Temple Apostolic, South Bend, Indiana

Reverend Felix Crowder is the genuine article a true evangelist. He is a Holy Ghost combine.
We have folks receiving the Holy Ghost but not as often or as easy as it should be.
I went to General Conference with one prayer “Lord let me meet or see someone who will come and help Christ Temple.” When Home missions had a Pastor and Brother Crowder come out on the stage as a team, telling us how they worked together to get people saved, this was answered prayer.
Brother Crowder had been with us several years before with good results and for whatever reason not again (truth is I needed to get my head straight). He consented to come for a weekend service after our prayer and dedication week.
There were several that had been through bible studies and been baptized yet had not received the Holy Ghost, frankly several had been seeking for awhile and several young people who said they got the Holy Ghost at camp but never showed fruit were there too and many came from flyers passed out in the neighborhood.
On Saturday night the Lord moved, those who were there needing the Holy Ghost got it. Those who were seeking for a time were speaking in tongues in a few minutes. On Sunday in a few moments and Brother Crowder’s spiritual discernment a man who had sought for over a year was speaking in tongues and praising the Lord. The baptismal tank had folks being baptized while others were praying through. Wow what a time. Makes me very hungry for more.
During the two services ten received the Holy Ghost speaking in tongues for the first time. Six or more were revived who had been away from God for a long time. Five were baptized in Jesus Name. Healings and miracles - Only God knows all the good impact that occurred in those services.
He doesn’t preach long if he preaches but he is tenacious in the altar service. I asked my church while planning for the services; If your house was on fire and your loved ones were inside what type of fireman would you want- one who waited to see or one who put on his equipment and charged into the fire to save your loved ones? Obvious answer- Brother Crowder is one who will try to save by Faith, Fear or Force and won’t quit easily. He is hard working and expects the same from the church as he teaches them how to be altar workers with a passion. As a busy, working Pastor he doesn’t require much maintenance. He is worth every dollar, I think so and so does my church. I planned on a certain amount whatever the offering would be but the people thought better and outdid themselves in giving. How much is a soul worth? I need him on the field so do you.  Thank God for him.
I am planning a recurring type of event with Brother Crowder several times a year. Getting the church in tune with God and witnessing about a service with a man who has a special gift from God, then have that man come and let God have His way. Working as a God Blessed team.
If you want resurrection and revival services Bro Crowder is the man to call.

God healed my back

It was Friday night, first night of the revival.  I was expecting something big to happen.   I know people were gonna get healed.  I've been praying and fasting for a while that God would heal my back.  I knew He would.  It hurt so bad all the time.  He had to heal my back. 

I saw Brother Crowder and knew that's the guy who's gonna put his hand on my back.  But he told me to put my own hand there and told me what to say.  The second time I felt lighter and a strange compression in my back.  I went limp-weak and fell down grateful and unworthy.  I wept.  When I sat up, I could twist and bend.  And the pain WAS GONE!!!

Seriously, there's no constant pain or discomfort anymore.  It feels so strange.  My back has never not hurt.  I have nothing to give but to receive.  Jesus my King is so good to me.  No one can take His place or replace Him.

At the tent revival, when people were worshipping, I heard the angels sing with us.  Jesus was standing to the side dancing.  Soon into the service, He started walking around and touching people. 

I can't wait to be with Him.  No one is like Him.  YHWH.  That precious blood was for us.

In Christ Jesus,
Brother Jesse

Pastor Glenn C. Hires
United Pentecostal Church of DeLand, Florida

 "I have personally known Evangelist Felix Crowder for well over 10 years. He has repeatedly blessed our local church and always left us reaching higher and believing deeper than before he came.

I have witnessed the power of God work through him seeing numerous healings and miracles. The gifts of the Spirit work through him smoothly and accurately.

The man usually won't eat a bite during our revival services, praying, seeking God and studying for the will of God on the next service.

Much of his prophetic ministry is done one on one in the altar while praying with individuals. That impresses me.

Rev. Felix Crowder is extremely soul-conscious and will not spiritually disengage from a service as long as there is another lost soul who needs to be ministered to.

I've seen him pray with individuals at the front door of the church as the doors are being locked.

He has a tenacity and level of faith seldom seen in evangelists.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Rev. Felix Crowder in any church where they are tired of the status-quo and are truly ready for a church-shaking move of God."

Pastor Chuck Welch
Meadowbrook Church of Green Bay, Wisconsin

We have been privileged to have Bro. Crowder minister in our church on various occasions. His ministry of faith and work in the altar have brought many to be healed and to be filled with the Holy Ghost. I would highly recommend Bro. Crowder to any pastor that is desiring an excellent evangelist that will bring results in the altar. Bro. Crowder is a very humble man with deep faith. He is a wonderful Christian.

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